Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be a Missionary

Be a missionary every day.

Tell the world that Jesus is the way.

Here, at camp Wi-Ne-Ma, or on the avenue,

Africa or Asia, the choice is up to you!

So, be a missionary,

be extraordinary!

Be a missionary today! Let’s go!

Be a missionary. That, my friends, is an imperative sentence. The subject is you. It leaves no doubt whether or not we should be a missionary. It does leave the question yet to be answered, “where?” For me, I can say I live in Africa. For you? You don’t have to come half-way around the world to fulfill God’s calling. But I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

This song we sang at Wi-Ne-Ma every year I went. I knew the words, I loved the tune, and so did all the other kids who bothered to sing along. But I didn’t follow the song.

Be extraordinary! Yes, this is indeed an imperative sentence. But it’s also an exclamatory sentence. Being a missionary takes thought and work. It also takes faith. Being extraordinary takes guts. Daring to step out, walk away, change the flow, stand up.

On the avenue. Get the Grammar lesson? This is not a sentence, I’m sorry. But where does the song suggest we be a missionary? On the avenue.

Why are we so callous to this!? Loving and caring for people around you shouldn’t stop when you come home from a mission trip. In our back yard, if we have to, is where we should invest in others’ lives! What’s your neighbor’s middle name? Uh-huh. Me neither.

In other words, you don’t have to come half-way around the world to fulfill God’s calling for you. I did, but that’s ‘cause God had (and still has!) some important lessons to teach me. Will you allow Him to teach you, too? 

“Being a missionary is being flexible. When God changes your plans, you have to be flexible and let Him work.”


  1. "The choice is up to you!!!!!" JUMP IN!! I might need a push... :]




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