Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Joys

Sunday School at Acacia Community Church can never be uneventful. :)

Today was my family’s last time there for 3 and a half months. I don’t even know if the kids will remember me.  But I’ll remember them and… many memories as well.

Today? After the Israelites (a.k.a. the kids) defeated the Mideonites (a.k.a. the crayons on the carpet) by following what God had told Gideon (a.k.a. me), and the trumpets blew and God confused the enemy, we continued to the outdoors.

“1, 2, 19, 16, 91, 100, 94!” the chant went randomly, but they managed to shout in harmony. After about 125, I stopped counting correctly for them to echo me and at that point, Josh came and began teasing them from beside the swing.

“Uncle Josh! Uncle Josh! Ucle Goss! Ucle Joss! Ucle Joyce! Uncle Joyce!!” Their chant transformed the words they began with and they ended with renaming Josh Uncle Joyce.

A Sunday in the Life of Janae and Josh Peterson in Uganda at Acacia? Eventful!

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