Friday, May 20, 2011

1 Year…

I’ve had 1 year.

1 year of turning on the hot water heater 20 minutes before shower-down.

1 year of people staring at me where ever I go.

1 year of reminding people, “I just woke up. I haven’t done anything yet today.”

1 year of missing America—sort of.

1 year of getting to know my awesome fellow missionaries and their families.

1 year of living in my favorite place in the world right now.

Yeah, I’ve missed you all in America. Yeah, there’s been difficulties. But nothing, nothing dims the light of knowing you’re where you’re supposed to be. I have felt for the past 2 years I belonged in Uganda. But I never, never guessed I could love it as much. The people, the atmosphere, the weather—all of them added to the feeling of belonging, I can’t say I’d rather be anywhere else.

(But I’m really looking forward to seeing ya’ll in America in a couple months!)


  1. Happy One-Year-in-Uganda, Janae! I must admit that the "inconveniences" and difficulties pale in comparison to being "where you're supposed to be" and loving it, too! So happy you are finding fulfillment in the place God has placed you! Love ya! :)

  2. (sheepish grin) :} I've been told "I just woke up!" more than once... Oh I know when I'm being referred to missy! ;)

    I can't imagine. But you make it all so vivid with your beautiful writing! Thank you! <3

  3. hehehe, Katie, I wasn't complaining! ;) I don't mind it-- it makes me smile ;)

  4. I know you weren't, that's why I winked ;D <3 just a LIL ;D <3


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