Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not Goodbye

I hate goodbyes. Parting ways with friends is one of the hardest things in life.  Even though I know I will see them again someday, my heart knows it will miss them while we are distanced. There really are no words to describe what happens to one’s heart when part of it leaves. When you send off part of your family, there is no way to convey the words that need to be said. I guess the only ones that matter are just these: I will miss you, Don’t forget me, and Have a good time. They just don’t suffice for the emotions welling from my heart.

This is not goodbye to two of my favorite people in the world. Never will I say those two words to you. In the two years we’ve been friends, the only parting phrase we’ve said is, “See you [Wednesday],” or whatever day we have plans for next. You befriended me when I was new to the land. You put up with me when all I was was wasted space. You made me feel appreciated and like you enjoyed my company. Thank you.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you know who you are.

I am not sending you off, because for that I would have to let go of you. I am not letting go, because you are a part of me. As you cross the border, know that part of my heart goes with you. This summer we have bonded in ways I never thought possible. My guarded composure was loosened little by little until I felt you knew me better than any other souls in this world. You know my quirks, my shortcomings and most of my blonde moments. You have shared in my successes and helped me in my failures. You have stood by me while we marched through a sea of troubles, and we’ve been through much together. Whether it be eating a cow’s tongue, playing Halo or Just Dance, swimming or Truth or Dare—or just hanging out and talking, our lives have become intertwined.

I know you will gain experiences in this next step in your life that will grow you and teach you much. I pray that you will enjoy this season. Know that I will miss you, but learn as much as you can. I hope to join you next year—then you can show me the ropes.

See you in November.

How do I Say Goodbye?

by Bob Peterson

How do I say goodbye when I'm not ready to let you go?
How do I say goodbye with my heart still loving you so?
Dreams fade into the night of a future that'll never be.
How can I face tomorrow, if you're not there with me?
Lord, help me please: how do I say goodbye?

How do I say goodbye when you've wrapped yourself around my heart?
How do I say goodbye when it means tearing my life apart?
At times I feel you next to me, but I reach and you're not there.
Left to deal with emptiness, God, it's just not fair.
Lord, help me please. How do I say goodbye?

You've been my sunshine; you warmed my soul.
Tearing you you from my life leaves a jagged hole.
Where do I find courage to face another day?
God, I need you desperately to help me find my way.
Lord, won't you please help me say goodbye.

How do I say goodbye and admit that a part of my life is through?
How do I say goodbye when it means letting of of you?
I'll cling to the hope that this is not the end.
Someday beyond tomorrow I'll be with you again.
So until that day, for now I'll say goodbye.

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  1. Just reading this now... You are right, though. It isn't good-bye.. it is see you later. I know they miss you as much as you miss them, even though they are somewhere new.


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