Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Blue Chair

There’s just something about coming back to a place you’ve come to time and time again since you were a toddler. When you step out of you family van, stretch your legs and turn to see Grandma rushing out the door with her dog on her heels, it’s just something that heals the tired eyes and mends the paining heels.

“Hi-HO Hi-HO to Grandmother’s house we go. Hi-Ho Hi-Ho hi-hi ho ho ho! Hi-Ho Hi-HO hi-ho-hi-ho!”—yes, I was singing that on the way there.

Indeed, though a parody of Disney, it fits very, very well. Gramms’s house is a home all of its own. She may put us to work, we have to load the dishwasher, and we already have assigned beds and toothbrushes. It’s a home! But it’s also a haven.

And it’s always been that way. I love my grandma. Always have. And I know she loves me. And ever since I first started coming, her sinks and counters have been too high for me. Just always has been.

To brush my teeth, wash my hands, brush my hair, wash my face—do anything—I needed this:

11-9-1--11-9-3 Gramms' House

The Little Blue Chair. It holds! It stands! It changes! AND it seats one tired toddler! What else could you want in a chair!?

If my brothers and I weren’t using it in the down-stairs bathroom, it was in the toy closet so we could sit on it. Or, we also did let Barbie and Ken sit on it once, but that’s beside the point. And when I didn’t have it, I thought about it. It was always there.

So, here’s to grandmas! They REALLY make the world a better place. Love ya, Gramms!

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  1. This post made me think of my grandmas, who are both gone now, but I have wonderful memories of them. Enjoy your times with family! :)


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