Sunday, June 19, 2011

It’s Called an Insult

The prophets knew what I’m feeling all too well. The persecuted missionaries and saint around the world died for the Cause for which I am feeling but a prick of the heart. But this is the first slap I’ve ever felt.

I realized today how sheltered I’ve been. I acknowledged how naïve I am. But I need the strength I do not have. I need to lean on the One who is all-powerful.

You see, this afternoon held a tremendous trying of my faith. A status update by one of my friends on facebook led me to answer her question. It stated the Bible did not say anything about homosexuality (among other things). My mother saw it first and replied to it with a few scriptures. I saw it next and added a few. These were more precise and dealt with the matter more closely for we, as a family had worked together on our answer. Bibles in hand, my mother, father and I searched for the correct rebuttal. We came up with Lev. 20:13 and Romans 1:26-27. And this evidently struck a cord.

After I commented, I went offline for lunch. Coming back, I read an insult to my reasoning beyond any I had ever heard. Here is what he said:

Lev 20:13 was a part of the Judaical Law, so unless you are a Jew, it doesn't apply. Rom 1:26 and following gives a very long list of sinful acts ... all of which are shamefully common among all members of the human race. Have you ever coveted? Envied? Lied? Spread gossip? Boasted? Disobeyed your parents? Guess what? Your mind is just as "debased" as anyone else's. Stop straining out gnats (Matt 23:24). Christianity is about Grace. What misguided gall it must take to turn the compassion of God into hate for people you might personally despise (which, by the way, is also a sin). Galatians 5:22-23 ... Where is your fruit, O' Christian?

Now, my posting this does not mean I agree with this in ANY way, shape or form.

But I immediately thought of many things to repute this. Jesus taught we should love the person, not the action. And that’s how I feel. I am related to a lesbian, but I do not hate my relative. I do not hate anyone so far as I know. But I hate the act of homosexuality. Then, I thought of Jesus fulfilling the Law, not abolishing it. And then I thought I’d say something along the lines of, “Yes, I have done many of those things, and so have you. But I know I’m forgiven of these, even though that doesn’t make me any better than those who are not. Christianity is not totally about grace, but about THE Grace given us. He is forgiving, but holy. And those who truly love Him will try to be holy as well.” But this I did not post.

My mother told me not to try to rebut, for this person has obviously twisted my words and would do it again, making my debate frustration to me. This, I obeyed. But I only didn’t post because my mother had forbidden it. That would not have been my choice.

So, now I am left to deal with insults. I can’t quite figure out how to deal with them. Forget them? Rationalize them away? Come up with rebuttals in my mind? I don’t know. But I went straight to my Bible and where did my fingers find? Paul. Paul being falsely accused and tried before Festus. Paul said not very much, but they still hated him enough to want him killed.

I only got called what I said was wrong. I never got called anything to my face, thank God. If I had, I think I’d have a lot more regrets than I do.

God gave Stephen the grace, I guess I just need to cling to that as well.

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  1. Craig Groeschel once said that the quickest way to forget what God thinks about me is to obsess with what others think about me.

    That's taken from this website:

    Guess what? You're not alone. There are always going to be critics who say that you should dance for their way of thinking. Sometimes you answer, sometimes you walk away.


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