Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Vacation fit for the Kings (& us!)

I love my family. Petersons, Thompsons, Harkins, Mills, Kings, and the list could go on. When we get together, there’s no limit to the fun. Especially when a good menu is involved.

Our five-day King-visit started with (well, food first, but then) our favorite family game—Nertz. A game of speed, good eye span and understanding what suit each card is, we often have our most meaningful conversations playing it. “AH!! Cheep-oh! I was going to—ugh.” “Oh, SOORRRY, did you want that card?” Of course, the fact that I was reigning champion was not rubbed in at all… We had tournaments every night they were here, and, sad to say, my growing weariness and Spencer’s increasing skills ended up in me not actually creaming him the last round. The final night’s scores for Nertz was: Me: 2 (or 3, my memory fails in complete exhaustion); Josh: 2; Uncle Matt: 1; and Spencer: 1 & a half. Since Spencer hadn’t ever actually emptied his Nertz pile before, he didn’t understand that even if he had played all but one, had an empty spot open and everything, he still had to get that last card off the pile. I, courteously, tried to explain this problem to him as I deftly added more of my cards to the middle piles. Josh took that opportunity as well, and Nertzed before him… But, seeing as this was his FIRST time meeting “Bob,” (as he named the last card in his Nertz pile every game,) we called it a “half Nertz.”

Our “night-life” of playing cards till bedtime wasn’t the only thing we enjoyed, either. “Floating” the Nile River, swimming at local pools and resorts, watching movies, eating popcorn, having hilarious convos, and learning which kind of “Nert” we each were couldn’t have been better.

Despite the horrendous  sunburns and exhaustion, a vacation fit for the Kings and us was one of the best I’ve ever had (even if I never left home).

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