Friday, April 8, 2011

Beginning, take 2 (retake, and yet another retake)

My dad’s favorite new motto for here in Uganda is:  “Plans change.”

Work in Uganda has it’s perks—if you go to the Market, you can get things for 20% what you might have got it for in America, people are more impressed with your work (even if you could have done just as well in America) since you did it “in Africa,” and other small things. We’re not exactly movie producers or actors or even rich kids. We just happen to try something we thought was a good idea. Key phrase:  “thought.”

You’d think that since we were in Uganda, we’d have an excuse (for not meeting our goal of having half the scenes with 2 specific actors done today) at least kinda related to the “hardships of living in Africa.” Well, no. If we were in America I’d still have only an hour or two of time to work on hours worth of work in the costume department. If we were state-side, we’d still have not had a video camera today. If we were in the US working on this, we would still have a SUPER-tight budget that can’t cover half the things we’d like to get.

The troubles of dealing with people in any project is the fact you’re dealing with humans—and being one yourself, you find it difficult. You’ve got miscommunications that are easily made, ideals that need to somehow be semi-made, feelings to not crush, and emotions that you have to struggle to control yourself. Just, in trying something WAY out of any of our skill-levels adds stress on top of an already-difficult situation. Add to that having 4 pre-teen boys who want to be in it, but do more harm than help to the project, you’ve got some people over-working, some ideals thrown out the window, and some crushed spirits.

I, personally, have felt all the troubles listed in the previous paragraph very well. But, we’ve made tremendous progress. Really, many movie producers take about 2 years to do one, but that’s kinda hard to keep in mind. We really actually need to get this done about half-way by the end of this month. We need to almost finish it at least by May 19. We need it COMPLETELY done by the last week in July… and we’ve been working for a month with not much more than a couple costumes and a sword to show for it… But I’ll keep you posted on that. :)

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