Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well, it's just so like God to send the one thing I can think of right now that would give me this peace I can feel right now. Rain. It starts as a light shower. I walk out and stand in it for a few minutes, and with every drop that moisturizes my skin, every little piece of the sky that tumbles onto my epidermis, I feel a little lighter. I loose some small part of the stress that's eating my soul. As the storm heavies and the thunder becomes continuous, I dodge the hailstones and save little things in the plants amongst the yard. As the wind carries my body heat from my hands and feet, I feel the coldness match my heart. But I smile. The feeling of outward release and inward surrender like never before penetrates my heart. The rumbling and the thumps of the hail cause my ears to vibrate and my brain to settle. My nerves calm as the repeated tiny pressures fall on my arms and shoulders.  As I see all other life forms dart into shelter, I stand in peace and satisfaction under the grey clouds and the plummeting water.

I can't tell you how much this means to me. This might seem so boring to you, I bore most people anyways, but--if you could just understand! To feel the warmth of my cat of my lap and bask in this love... Even if I don't get to see and talk to someone who'll make me laugh, I've had my fill of a fulfilling day now.  Its okay. I  felt God’s love in a better way than I felt it before.

Rain--I talk about it all the time, but to me it’s God’s peace in a falling, liquid form! I can’t get enough of this love—He knows just how to fill me!


  1. Loved your descriptiveness...and that God answered your prayers in the form of rain. He is sooo good! :)


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