Sunday, March 13, 2011

Helper’s Log, Day 155

Sunday, March 13th--Acacia Community Church

Helper's Log, day 155

Today, I was in charge of little kids' church, as usual. Maama Betty took over Dawn and David's class, so they helped me. I was glad of the company--I nearly fell asleep on little Hannah's shoulder and the kids were rowdier than usual. I taught the story of Jesus healing a blind man and defending him. After, I always let the kids color. But David decided he wanted to color. And this lead to an interesting line of conversation...

"Do you think Jesus had lots of dirt under His fingernails?" David popped his head up from his paper and waved a brown crayon as he looked at me and Dawn over the heads of the kids.
"Uhhh... I doubt He had fingernail scrubbers," I glanced up from exalting a scribbled piece of paper.
"And I bet He smelled like a MAN," He nodded his head and leaned back down.
"I bet He NEVER wore deodorant."
"Um, considering they didn't HAVE deodorant... no."
"I'm never gonna wear deodorant again. I," he exclaimed, "wanna be like Christ!"
"Uh... I don't think you need to follow His example THAT closely... hahaha," I snickered to myself and looked back at the little girl shoving her colored paper in my face.
"Well, I'm gonna be a carpenter," his sarcastic tone told me he was still teasing me.
"I got nothing against that."
"Jesus was a carpenter."
"He was RIPPED, too, man!"
"What!? Heh heh, I don't think I've EVER heard THIS description of Jesus before. Many things, but smelly, dirty and buff...?" I sarcastically raised one eyebrow and let amusement smooth my face.
"Yeah! He withstood 40 lashes with the whip and STILL carried His cross 3 miles or something!"
"True," I replied nodding my head.
"And He how did He run all those people out of the temple."
"With a whip," and I waited with a small smirk playing on my lips.
"Yeah, but it takes STRENGTH to handle such a whip," he demonstrated with a little flick of his hand.
"I wasn't disagreeing... Hahaha... Definitely got a new perspective of Christ now."

So, class, today's lesson is... Don't put Jesus in a box. He's more than any of us can imagine. But picturing a tall, dark and handsome man isn't bad either...

March 13, Helper's Log*
*names substituted.


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