Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreams DO Come True!!!

No, I’m not gonna tell you to “follow your heart” and yes. I give you permission to smile and laugh at me. It’s okay.

All my life, I’ve wanted to… be in charge of something. Namely, designing costumes for a movie. But… more than that. I’ve wanted a part in the play, maybe even a lead. And, as we’re on the subject, to totally go all out in an act. To really feel totally needed in a project. To have the satisfaction of helping in something big…

So, therefore, when my friends here in Uganda expressed they actually would WANT to do a movie/play thing, I jumped at it. The Princess Bride is a common ground for almost all of us here. We know half the lines, can picture each and every scene, and have mastered each accent accordingly. It was the perfect pick. So, all of two weeks ago, we talked. I printed out the first draft of a script, and it went from there. Now, we’ve auditioned parts and decided, (I got the queen) and as of today, I have three costumes completed. You can tell by the title of this here post I’m just a teensy bit, kinda, sorta, a little—EXCITED.

I just wish… I kinda want people to see my true skills through this endeavor. I don’t want to be pushed aside as normal, but I don’t want to push others aside, either. They only see I can sew. They only know I can stand and watch. I don’t know what I want to prove, but I’m out to do it. My dream has begun to come true, I don’t want to take it at face value. Look out Princess Bride. Acacia Community Youth Group is out to re-do, re-state and totally re-excite you. And look out, ACYG. Janae isn’t hiding in the corner no more.


  1. So, when is it being presented? And, good for you, for having such a fun opportunity to use your skills and talents. :)

  2. We're shooting to get it done before May--that's when two of our actors leave. But, who knows... :)


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