Sunday, February 13, 2011

my little job

I… love kids. :)

They seem to usually find the joy in anything—especially when it seems there is none there. The simplicity of life always draws me out of myself and into the lives of the kids around me.

That is why I help in the Sunday school program at church. I know it seems a bit selfish. They help me out of my self-inflicted misery, and I get all the credit for “helping” them. I love them. I usually just stay with the “little kids” and keep them from disrupting the service on the other side of the house. And, quite a few times in the hour I am with them, I take the girls to go “su-su.” Basically, I transport them to and from the toilet room. Sometimes… there’s a bit of drama. But, over all, I got it really easy. I probably should stay in service, I never really do anything but hold them and tell them, “Well done! It’s beautiful!” when they show me their pictures they colored.

My job description—schoolwork 5 mornings a week; hanging with friends 3 afternoons a week; cleaning amounts to 1 full day a week; and play with 2-5 year-olds 1 morning a week. It’s little, the last phrase there, but it’s the best time of my week. I compare it to my wonderful youth group, but nothing—I repeat—nothing refreshes me more than the simple smiles of the kids who seem genuinely, non-taintedly joyful to see me. No one else can do that.

Gracie, Didi, Mark, Dianna, Gloria, Jacob, Jake—you do way more for me than I ever have done for you. Thank you.

Storytime!! :DDidi and I <3sweet Gracie <3"what was the name of King Xerxes's first wife?"--Bible Quiz Time!

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