Friday, January 28, 2011

What peace is

There once was a man, and he decided that he wanted a picture. But he didn’t want just ANY picture, oh, no. He wanted a picture that portrayed the true meaning of peace.

So, he had 3 artists paint a picture of “true peace.”

The first man, one who lived up in the mountains, came in the next day with a beautiful portrait of a lake at mid-night with a moon gently glistening over the sky. The waters in the lake were subtly lapping against the edge of the shore-line and a lone wooden boat waited in the haze of the twilight. The man was pleased with this, but told the artist he’d rather wait for the next guy to show.

A little later, the second artist came. She brought an awe-inspiring canvas with the brilliant colours of the sunset as it sank deep beneath the rolling sea. The palm branches were almost swaying and the water didn’t crash upon the sand, but rather flowed back and forth in it’s attempt to keep up with the pattern it had already made. Very pleased with her work, the man still wanted to see his third option

After many calls to the third artist, the man finally got to behold the final painting. But, in dismay he said, “A waterfall?”

Indeed, the third artist had brought an almost disturbing piece with a plummeting waterfall. It was gorgeous indeed, the mist almost wetting your nose. The lush, green ferns all about were bent backwards by the power of the falls. The rocks even seemed a bit ‘fraid of the rush of waters catapulting continuously towards them.

“Yes, but look behind the waterfall, if you may, sir.”

If you were to stand there with the man, you’d first behold the rainbow the gleamed from the side of the water. But as you gazed more and more intently on the scene unfolding before your eyes, a little blue bird would catch your attention. That bird seemed almost asleep, she had her wings folded quite comfortably and her eggs were snug and warm. She gazed back at you through the rush that never ended with tiny little black eyes that held no fear in them. The man pointed at her, and shot a questioning glance at the artist.

“You see, sir? That bird, she’s quite safe. You’d say she looked peaceful, no? She is safe. Behind all that chaos, she knows nothing can harm her. She sees the chaos but has no concern, for she cannot be harmed by anything out there. That would be peace, sir. To know that, no matter what is happening in the world around us, we cannot be harmed. To understand that we are protected in the most divine way, should give us the peace we seek. That would be peace.”

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