Saturday, January 15, 2011

Give Me Your Eyes

“Step out on a busy street. I see a girl and our eyes meet. She does her best to smile at me—to hide what’s underneath. There’s a man just to her right. … too afraid to tell his wife he’s outta work—he’s buying time. … Why have I never cared?”

I’m surrounded, you’re surrounded, we’re surrounded. We’re in a losing battle, and we’re not sayin’ much. If I really could see them, why can’t I really care? I see a girl… and she’s hurting more than I can know. There’s a man… and he’s frightened as scared can be. There’s a little boy—he looks like he hasn’t had a bath in 2 years. He probably hasn’t, and it’s not ‘cause his mother rejects him.

“Give me your eyes so I can see everything I keep missing. Give me your love for humanity. Give me your arms for the broken-hearted--the ones that are far beyond my reach. Give me your heart for the ones need guiding. Give me your eyes so I can see.”

I keep tryin’ to see, but my eyes fail me. I can’t see through some of those smiles—I can’t tell you what’s paining the boy next to me. I may guess it was fake, but isn’t everyone’s that way? A thousand eyes watch me every day, I meet maybe half of them with my glance. Of those half a thousand, I see a smile and accept it. I see a shrug, and don’t question it. Those I do question… shrug again. '

Maybe people try the same with me. I could be the girl who smiles… and they find me frustrating and closed. Maybe I shrug off those who just want to help. But I feel I don’t need help. I don’t want to break this wall that’s suffocating me. She doesn’t either. I understand. That’s the turn I take. That’s the first step away from the one who needs me to stay. I know I need to stay… but I don’t…. “Why have I never cared?”

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