Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Smile, or Frown?

Why do we always answer, “I’m good, how are you?” to anyone who inquires on our life? Why is it expected you paste a smile before all asking eyes? Why, is it because we are afraid they’ll hurt us? Are we scared they’ll ignore our pains? Are we intimidated by their plastic face?

Why do I do it? What am I afraid of…

It’s only when someone comes and turns our life up-side-down that the pasted smile is flipped. If it were real, it may stay a pleasant upward turn of the lips. But, plastic smileness shows a frown when turned up-side-down.

Why do we draw curtains, telling others they can only see the sunny side? Why do we use faces as protection for our hearts? It’s as if we have glass hearts, as if we’re afraid to trust such a treasure to any open hands. As if, by disguise, we can make them believe we have it all together. But why do we do it, when we all know, it’s fake?

Because we know, we will break. It’s not how many times we’ve broken before. It’s not just how difficult it is to pick up the pieces. It’s not that we truly believe they have it together, they don’t think that even of us. It’s how we think they’ll react to the scattered glass. Will they dance around, playing with the fragments? Will they scream and run out? Or, when the door is opened and the break is eminent, will they stop, pick up the pieces and help clean up the mess? It’s not who breaks, or how they break, or even when or where they break. What matters, changing even smiles pasted and frowns shining through, is Who they can turn to. If even One stops, picks, and helps, a smile can become real. The plastic can melt, the glass even better protected. But you have to open. It can’t be love any other way.

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  1. Beautiful and well-written post, Janae! Thank you for sharing. :)


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