Saturday, November 27, 2010

Month #6: Oregon Christmas

I've been here 1/2 a year. I've learned a lot. For one thing, it's not rude to stare here. (oh, brother!) But, I feel like I've been in the furnace. Yeah, it's hot over here. But, God's just not left me alone! Every day here has had new trials, new twists. I feel torn-- torn between two places. I miss Oregon, but I love it here. The very thing I've looked forward to all year is now tearing me to pieces--Christmastime.

I love the songs, the cheery greetings, the "spirit." But that spirit doesn't seem right in a 90 degree showcase. Many of you reading this now have snow. I miss snow. I miss the Christmas-tree hunting that always comes with December. I love tradition.

For many people in the stories I’ve been reading in Lit class, Christmastime is a time of sorrow. Of dispair. I don’t dispair. I’m not sorrowful. I’m very grateful for the friends He has given me, and for the family that He put me into. But, as Christmas comes, I find, it’s harder to dwell on the pure and good things. I can’t deny it, I miss my family and friends!

I got out the Christmas music yesterday…. Tennessee Christmas came on.

They say in LA, it’s a warm holiday! The only place to be. But a tender Tennessee Christmas is the only Christmas for me.

I’m tired of being in the furnace. But I know, if I get put in the freezer, I’ll miss the beauty of --and the lesson taught by-- the flames I’m in.

They say UGA has a warm holiday, and that’s where I will be! But a tender Oregon Christmas, is the only Christmas for me.

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  1. Thanks for being honest and transparent, Janae. Holidays away from home can be tough because we are often away from what is very familiar to us. The last Christmas I had in Uganda (in 2006) was kinda tough because it really didn't "feel" like Christmas, but I did make some new and good memories.
    I don't what will happen this year with Christmas. It will probably be different than previous Christmases, but I still trust it will be good. Look for the good and enjoy the special surprises God will have in store for you. :)


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