Monday, November 22, 2010

Life-- On the Road

Ever driven down a road that the roadside is full of life? Every scene that flashes by, people are living. They may not notice you, and you may not even see them. But each moment, we have a choice whether to focus in on them, or stare blankly other ways. If you blink, you might miss that woman and her son. Turn your eyes, and you won't see that man, standing, laughing on the corner with his nose in a book.

Driving through a third-world country in Africa, I glimpse thousands of lives all plastered together in a silent movie-- and my viewing screen is my window. I see the man on the corner, the woman and her son. The contentment that shines in that little girl's eyes warms me and disquiets my soul at the same time. The old woman, bartering for life through a toothless smile, showing me how little my problems are-- I know I'll have breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow. The school kids giggling on their way to school are contemplating what they will get to learn this day. I dread picking up my books. The dirty, sweaty, thirsty men building a plain hut-- have joy on their faces! And yet, there are thos on the bus passing me now, that stare out the window with their blank faces resting on malnourished hands. I see them. I watch them from my air-conditioned box, on my way from one place to another.

Where they come from, I know not. I perceive nothing of where their desired destinations are. All I can understand, as they are flashed across my viewing screen, is that they are living. The goat in the middle of the road, the boy jogging toward the stopped taxis with scrawny chickens for sale, the lone flower in the middle of the meadow. They teach me many things. Life is more. More than I could ever hope to express, with a thousand words or one. Life is more than I can ever hope to understand-- life is more than birth, growth and death. It is more than just going from one place to the next. These people live, even in between the places. They live their life-- even on the road.


  1. Aaah!!!! So beautiful. And the video that was made from it, truly amazing. I love you. A lot.


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